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About Group f/5.6
Group f/5.6 is an informal organization in the Greater Seattle, Washington area offering mutual support and encouragement to artists working in photography.

The name is a light-hearted reference to Group f/64, the group of photographers (including Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham and Edward Weston) that pioneered the 'straight' style of photography emphasizing ultra-sharp images and dramatic tonal range. While we certainly do not share Group f/64ís dedication to a particular style or subject matter, we do share the need for a supportive peer group with which to discuss our work, to exchange advice both on technical and aesthetic aspects of photography, and to encourage active work.

Group f/5.6 is ostentatiously informal.† We do not have elections or by-laws or even membership dues.† Each year we take up a collection to reimburse our host for the use of the meeting rooms.† When there are other needs for money, such as show openings, we take up a collection from the participants.

The group is open to anyone with a serious interest in photography as an art form. Group f/5.6ís members are experienced artists with wide-ranging interests in medium and subject matter. Many of the group's members have published their work and have shown their work in various galleries. Since its founding in 1996, the group has held many public exhibitions of members' work with additional shows planned.† In addition, the group maintains a gallery in Bellevue for rotating display of members' work.

We hold a monthly group meeting†on the fourth Wednesday of each month, 7 PM at the East Shore Unitarian Church.

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